CBY London | Southgate home office
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Southgate home office

Working from home doesn’t always require a dedicated room with a closed door, sometimes a well designed desk with clean surroundings is enough to create a calm and productive workspace. This recent CBY commission was designed to fit seamlessly into the bay window area of a victorian London house, making best use of the natural light and changing backdrop which can help to aid a productive work flow.

This ‘floating’ desk uses the walls and window sill for support, removing the need for restrictive under-desk legs; A handy laptop pocket and upstand to the rear, aim to keep the work surface free from clutter. Small dividers allow personal items to be displayed and stationary to be organised, making your working hours more functional, tidy and uplifting. Made from a single sheet of birch plywood the desk is economical in it’s use of materials. The working face is laminated with a durable white HPL, while the vibrant ultramarine on the reverse throws colourful, playful shadows on the wall and windows.



CBY role

Concept to completion