CBY London | Material Library
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Material Library

CBY were invited by Sto werkstatt to make the furniture for their new material library at the Werkstatt in Clerkenwell. As a showcase of bespoke surfaces, used as a resource by the architectural profession, the materials library needed to be understated in it’s form. The grey angled boxes designed by Gitta Gschwendtner studio, were mitred on all corners and carefully assembled so that they appeared almost sculptural in their minimalist simplicity. The display wall, finished with a white spray lacquer, was installed using hidden fixing with a seam disguised behind a shelf, again to avoid any distraction when looking at the samples. The incorporation of a flexible working space, which can be folded up and down out of the wall, allows samples to be arranged and compared, making the whole room function as a tool for the architects who use it.


Sto werkstatt

CBY role

Technical design, Fabrication, Installation


Gitta Gschwendtner studio