CBY London | Mathmos Showroom
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Mathmos Showroom

For the 60th anniversary of the invention of the Lava lamp, CBY were asked by Counterfeit studio to bring to life their designs for a new showroom at the Mathmos factory in Poole, Dorset. Working within an industrialised pallette of bright red and silver, the showroom is a perfect homage to the futurism and nostalgia of lava lamps.

Materials used: Unistrut (for all framework elements), galvinised panels, red valchromat, gloss red vinyl, vinyl welding curtain, lava lamps. The full range of Mathmos products and colourways are on display from small candle lava lamps to giant lava lamps including the floor standing ‘Saturn’.


Counterfeit Studio

CBY role

Technical design, Fabrication, Installation