CBY London | Shades Shelf
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CBY Shelf

Shades Shelf

Depending on its position in a room Shades shelf allows you to see or not see your books. ‘Shades’ refers to the play of light over the monochrome slats and their internal spaces, but also the way the books are shaded. The angled set of the thin vertical partitions tends to mean that larger books cluster to one side where there’s more space, while smaller books move to the other. It is designed to be CNC cut from one sheet of yellow Valchromat, and assembled without tools, screw or glue.


Dimensions: 1435 x 275 x H755mm

Material: Valchromat

Finish: Clear spray lacquer

CBY role

Concept design, Technical design, Production



CBY Shelf CBY Shelf CBY Shelf