CBY London | 13m2 house
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13 sqm house

13m2 house

Together with Studiomama, CBY overhauled this tiny apartment on the site of a former cab office in North London. Through the process of drawing up Studiomama’s full-scale cardboard model, we were able to refine the function of each furniture element, suggesting material combinations, finishes and ways to save space.


A cosy alcove sofa bench with pull-out storage ottoman, a standing workstation with laptop drawer, overhead cupboards, sliding doors, fold out seats and extendable tables. This furniture was shown at Viaduct showroom as part of London Design festival 2017. Studiomama are a London based design studio, whose work often investigates subjects such as open-source, renewability and micro-living.



CBY role

Technical design, Fabrication, Installation



13 sqm house 13 sqm house 13 sqm house