CBY London | The Joy of Bees
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Joy of Bees 2

The Joy of Bees

We were invited by Bompas & Parr to produce the furniture elements for their immersive honey tasting production, which centred on the rare honeys produced on the grounds of hotel chain Relais Chateau. Working from sketches, we developed a unique production method for building with beeswax. Using laser cut and CNC cut parts, a giant Bain-Marie, large quantities of pure beeswax and racks for systematised drying, we produced intricate layered facades for a honey tasting room, which looked and smelt as if they’d been built by bees.


Working closely with a beekeeper, we also extended an active beehive to allow thousands of bees to process out of their hive through acrylic tubes, taking in their food in a large transparent sphere visible from street level. Bompas & Parr are experience designers specialising in immersive projects related to food and drink.


Bompas & Parr


Bompas & Parr



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